Power Generation Companies Syndicate (PGCS) as an NGO was established in 2007 by collaboration 24 nongovernmental companies in Iran. This organization currently has 50 members that they have a share of 57% from total electric power net production in Iran. Syndicate’s members deal efficiently with most of oil, gas and petrochemical companies for their high increasing demand for electric power. 
Power Generation Companies Syndicate has 6 specialized committee as follows:
o    Electricity market and energy bourse commission
o    Financial and Economic Commission
o    Insurance and Tax Commission
o    Education and Research Commission
o    Engineering and Systems Commission
o    Regulations and Contracts commission 

o    Encourage and support nongovernmental investors from the private sector for constructing new power plants or purchasing the existing governmental power plants and increasing the number of syndicate members
o    Support and promote technology development, management and efficiency in the power plants construction and exploitation
o    Facilitate and create new opportunities for foreign investment by syndicate members
o    Deal efficiently with governmental organizations and institutions in order to facilitate the power generation investment by private sector
o    Create opportunities to convince nongovernmental investors from private sector to invest on electricity power plants in order to cover 90% of domestic electricity demand and export 15,000 MW at the horizon of 2041
o    Reach the 50,000 MW total power generation capacity until 2025
o    Supporting the dynamics, creativity and innovation in power production management and production processes
o    Maintaining the fairness in competition among the members of syndicate
o    Encourage the process attitude, systematic thinking, and teamwork

The research priorities of the PGCS are as follows:
o    Developing a roadmap for electricity export

Power Generation Companies Syndicate holds tutorial courses in the field of electricity markets, financial and technical issues of power plants, monthly. These courses are as follows:
o    Bill audit  &Financial issues
o    Frequency control
o    SCUC software
o    AVC in power plant
o    KAIZEN & 5s
o    Automatic production adjustment process
o    Electricity markets