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The agreement to connect Iran and Türkiye electricity networks was signed

  • 28 January 2024
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The agreement to connect Iran and Türkiye electricity networks was signed

Mehdi Moghimzadeh, head of the Iran Electricity Grid Management Company, announced the contract for the operation of the 400 kV Khoi (Iran)-HVDC Back-to-Back Van (Turkey) line with a capacity of 600 MW was signed between the Iran Electricity Network Management Company and TEIAS Turkey.

According to public relations and international affairs, In the evening of Wednesday, January 24th 2024, in the presence of Ebrahim Raisi and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkey, Mehdi Moghimzadeh and Orhan Kaldirim, to operate the 400 kV HVDC-BtB line Khoi (Iran) - Van (Turkey), the line operation contract, signed and exchanged between Iran's Electricity Grid Management Company and Turkey's TEIAS Company in Ankara.

Stating that this contract is regulated in 31 clauses and 27 annexes, Mehdi Moghimzadeh said: The selection of the line with BtB HVDC connection in the Van station uses equipment with modern technology, which is the first experience of Iran's cross-border connection through HVDC infrastructure.

Moghimzadeh added: To ensure the safe operation of this line, all technical aspects of this contract, including operation, control, exchange planning, repairs, protection, energy measurement, telecommunications, data exchange, emergency conditions, accidents, recovery and standards in The format of the exploitation agreement has been set.

The head of Iran's Electricity Grid Management Company added: BtB HVDC stations are used to operate and connect the network of two countries with different standards or quantities of frequency, voltage and phase, and this type of connection is called asynchronous.

In the end, Moghimzadeh stated: The trial operation of this station was completed last year, and with the signing of this document, it is ready for permanent operation, which enables the exchange and trade of electricity with Turkey and other European countries.

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