Iran Electricity Market Annual Report

  • 08 May 2023
  • 08:17
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Iran Electricity Market Annual Report

In order to inform the stakeholders, international researchers, and all of the enthusiasts about the Iran Electricity Market, IREMA decides to publish the annual reports. These reports give a general overview of the Iran electricity market during a 1400 fiscal year (March2021-March2022).

This report presents a brief introductory and key facts of IREMA performance.

The following points draw an overview on the IREMA statistics:

• The total wholesale cost of load serving during the fiscal year was about 344,277 Billion Rials

that manifests 5.44 percent of growth with respect to the previous year.

• The total traded energy volume in the day ahead market was 296,130 GWh.

• Out of market trades was 40,342 GWh that represent 47 percent of growth in comparision with

previous fiscal year.

• The total energy produced by the hydro-power plants decreased by 30.23 percent with respect

to the last fiscal year.

• The gas fuel had the greatest contribution in the fuel portfolio of the thermal power plants.



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