Future Vision

Intraday Market

The majority of the volume of electricity in IREMA is cleared on the day-ahead market. The mismatches of day ahead market are to be more balanced by intraday trading. IREMA Intraday market refers to trading power in 8 hour intervals, although trading smaller intervals is also possible.


Real-time Market

Real-time Energy Market used for matching the supply and demand of electricity. In very short term periods, a market is cleared based on received bids and offers.


Ancillary Service Market

Ancillary service market is to provide the requirement of the system operator competitively from the available resources. Frequency control, black start and reactive power control constitutes the merchandises that should be purchased by the system operator.


Regional Electricity Market

Creating an extensive regional electricity market in a wide geographical area for the sake of reliable operation, efficient wholesale markets, energy security, liquidity, and reduced emissions through regional power system integration, is aimed by ECO countries.