Recounting the time that Iran Electricity Industry gives birth to MEMA, it brings back a rush of memories. I am trying to measure efforts, challenges, controversial debates, and accompany of Iranian experts who finally do the deed. We have been tending to trust Iranian experts account of the event, wielding their solutions, utilizing their developed software, maintaining a stiff upper lip over the shortcomings, and proceeding into the power system restructuring way. After the unbundling of electricity sectors and the electricity competitive trades, the trend accelerated, speeded and eased up accordingly and instantly the time we cross over. New challenges emerged and we again counted on the Iranian experts to survive. Pondering the steps we have paced, this is an everyday process, overcoming to the problems and proposing new solutions. In this regard, I am honored to address that it gives us a sounding board to share our experiences regarding the restructuring process, electricity market design, implementation, and operation with our neighboring countries. The untapped potential of Iranian expert in this filed can expedite the restructuring process in the countries which intend to commence this electricity industry revolution. All of this is due in no small part of resolute persons dedicating their time and mind to enrich IRENIA. with them progress is in our grasp so long. As IGMC Electricity Market Deputy, when I look into the progress that I have a little personal stake in that, I am proud of my colleagues. It comes to be a very thing by incorporating IREMA into the economic cooperation organization regional electricity market. Gathering the countries i.n our region, we all can possess a leg up i.n electricity market coupling. Iranian experts are brimming with energy and ready to warmly shake our neighboring counties' hands to have a mature coupled electricity market and energy trading.