Intraday electricity market officially started

  • 24 February 2021
  • 11:23
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Intraday electricity market officially started

After going successfully through the test period (for a few months), IREMA has officially started the Intraday electricity trades within the intraday electricity market since 19.02.2021. It was on 2017, that the idea bloomed and put into discussion between the system operator and market operator experts to develop the required hardware and software infrastructures. Simultaneously, Iran Electricity Market Regulatory Board legislated the required instructions. The IDM has been designed and the clearing mechanism has been developed. Currently the IDM is cleared twice a day. The main objectives are as follows:

  • Covering the uncertainties happening closer to the instant of power delivery
  • Enhancing the security of the system by using a updated version of the generation schedule

Increasing the competitive economic opportunities for the power plants that were not scheduled based on the results of day-ahead market

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