34th International Power System Conference

  • 21 September 2019
  • 16:41
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34th International Power System Conference

Due to the versatility of the electric power indutry requirements, Power System Conference has 20 technical committees. Each committee includes both university professors and industry experts taking care of reveiewing papers and collaborating in conference organization. Technical committees of the PSC2019 are: ACI - Automation, Control & Instruments CAM - Chemistry & Material DTC - Dispatching & Telecommunication EEM - Efficiency & Energy Management ELM - Electric Machines ENV - Environment EPG - Electric Power Generation EPM - Electric Power Market HVS - High Voltage Substations ITP - Information Technology MAP - Monitoring & Protection MNG - Management PDS - Power Distribution System PQE - Power Quality & Power Electronic PSS - Planning & System Studies PTL - Power Transmission REN - Renewable Energies SEA - Socio-Economic Studies SMG - Smart Grids TRN - Transformers

 Tehran, Iran  |  Conference Website  |  Email Organizer

Sponsors: Iran Section; Niroo Research Institute

The accepted and presented papers will be considered to be published in IEEE Xplor

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